A few words about our company

Even though these will probably turn out differently than you would expect ...

We will not advertise ourselves with self-evident facts!

If you expect us to present on this page how many locations, trainers with a lot of (important sounding) qualifications and experience are working for us and which companies have trusted us for years for their prevention training, we have to disappoint you, unfortunately. Because such explanations do not make a real difference for you! And would you want us to advertise with your company name?

Among other things, we are an authorized body according to DGUV principle 304-001, as you can check for yourself in the database of the Quality Assurance Office First Aid by entering our authorization number 8.1182 or entering our company name. This already shows that our instructors are appropriately qualified and some of them are active in the ambulance and rescue service, that they regularly attend further training courses and that we have a medical director who is available as the responsible contact person for our team from a medical point of view. Likewise, our statements made in the courses are of course based on a corresponding guideline, which corresponds to the current medical knowledge. Already because this is the prescribed standard!

Our claim is higher than the standard

Our claim is that our training courses are significantly better than the standard first aid course. And instead of presenting big numbers and important terms, we give you a guarantee of your learning success with our courses.

Read what really matters

Read what our participants honestly think about the courses after they have taken them. For example, in our reviews on Trustpilot. Because there you will receive statements from people who have experienced our trainers themselves in courses, differentiated and without our influence.

Let us convince you!

Take a look at the dates of our public courses near you, or contact us to arrange an individual appointment at your location. This is free of charge for you if it is covered by your responsible employers’ liability insurance association or accident insurance fund. Contact us and we will find the ideal solution for you!